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  1. Agreed with Tom, you're asking for trouble just letting the car, any car sit for awhile.
  2. Parts are going to be a mite hard to find, maybe?
  3. Won't take much to make it great, (hopefully!).
  4. What a beautiful automobile! Good luck with sale! Steve
  5. Simply a really lovely Stude - good luck with selling!
  6. Was a nice car, such a shame....................
  7. Thank you for all your replies everyone, and it's supposed to be VRB-4012A, NOT VRB-4002A. It was a typo where I got the info from. So as I see from the info supplied, VRB-4012A (the original) can be interchanged with VRP-4002B and/or VRR-4005A? And I would have no problems matching these to my generator? Oh and Bill - I just missed bidding on the ebay VRB-4012A. Durn! Steve
  8. Don, would you happen to have an Autolite regulator VRB -4002A from a 1939 Super-8 Packard? I'm looking for one....... just wondered. Steve
  9. I always had problems with Japanese cars, yet none, absolutely none with 2 Jaguar E-Types and an Aston DB-6....................go figure.
  10. Hi, looking for a Autolite 6 volt regulator VRB-4012A for a 1939 Super-8 Packard. Anyone? Steve
  11. I honestly feel that no matter where the car was built, if the profits go to a country other than America, it's not an American car !!! Does anyone feel the same way I do? .......Steve