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Can anyone identify this car?


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I believe it is a 1915 Overland. I think they dropped the sidelights after that. They may have been added, also. I am not sure when they went to left-hand drive. I thought 1914 (if it is an Overland). The negative may have been flipped, too.

I am quite sure it is not a Buick.

I hope this helps,


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You beat me to it. It is not a Buick. There are several things that point to it being something else. The radiator shape is not Buick. The windshield on Buicks were straight across the cowl and not curved until 1921. The running board splash aprons on Buicks did not have bead on them until later. The picture is of a right hand drive and Buick last used right hand drive in 1913 unless it was an export vehicle. As far as being Overland, you are more than likely right. It could very well be a 1914 or 15 Overland. Overland had RH drive until 1914 and maybe 1915.


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Many thanks for your help, guys. It is definitely an Overland. I attach a picture of a 1916 Overland I downloaded from another website. My grandfather's car was a right-wheel drive model used in Australia. The two boys (my father and uncle) are dressed as Australian soldiers in the First World War (1914-1918 for Australians).


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