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  1. Terry Bond is right - it's a 1913 Model T Ford. The only thing I can add is that it has a 1917 Illinois license plate on the front, meaning that's when the photo was taken.
  2. Great photo! As sagefinds mentioned - it's a Packard. I'd say it's a 1907 Model 30 like this one: It could also be a 1908-it will take a Packard expert to tell us which.
  3. I believe it is a heavily modified Buick. The hubcaps, springs, transmission, shifter and brake, pedals, hood , and radiator all line up. The headlights are not a matched pair. 1912 Buick Model 43 had the oval radiator filler.
  4. I believe it is a 1903-04 Cadillac Model A chassis that was updated with the 1905 Cadillac hood and dash. All of the visible chassis details are Model A - steering, front springs (with the 'flattened' ends, rear axle radius rods, wheel hubs, etc. The rear entrance body also has all characteristics of the Model A. The hood and cowl are 1905 Cadillac. If these modifications were made, it would also explain the apparently new and shiny paint job.
  5. 1906-08 Franklin Model G.
  6. It looks like a Jno Brown Model 15 - as used on 1909-10 Model T's. In fact, my 1910 Touring has them. I'd be interested in yours if it's for sale.
  7. The car in the center of the main photo (first one on the left) is a 1911 Auburn.
  8. It's interesting that the Model T on the right has a painted radiator. It's not a brass radiator. It's a 1917-1919. The license plate appears to be a 1919 Ohio. The car on the left is a Studebaker.
  9. Would you be willing to post the photo of the Auburn?
  10. Amazing photos! Sure looks like a Panhard-Levassor to me. I think I can see their signature spark and throttle knobs (handles) inside the steering wheel.
  11. I knew Jimmy Staats pretty well. He was probably best known for his Curved Dash Oldsmobiles. He showed his 1903 at Hershey every year for decades; toured with it regularly as well. What would you like to know?
  12. The first car is a 1910 Pullman, built in York.
  13. Not the best photo, but here's the porcelain city-issued plate registered to our 1910 Ford.
  14. The car on the right is a 1912 EMF.
  15. It's a 1911 Auburn.
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