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  1. The first car is a 1910 Pullman, built in York.
  2. Not the best photo, but here's the porcelain city-issued plate registered to our 1910 Ford.
  3. The car on the right is a 1912 EMF.
  4. It's a 1911 Auburn.
  5. There's been quite a bit of interest, but no sale. Possible delivery to Chickasha next month. Still available.
  6. Is it a 1911 Kissel?
  7. Still available. Willing to listen to offers, but no trades.
  8. Lozierman is right. It's a Peerless.
  9. Auburn used Rutenber engines in 1910 also. The larger ones were 4 1/2x5 totaling 318ci. I'd be interested in knowing what other makes used this same engine.
  10. Posting this for a friend. I know very little about it. Contact info below. FOR SALE: 1921 Center Door (China Cupboard) Model T. 30 year old restoration in EXCEPTIONAL condition with normal wear. Paint appears to be done in Black Lacquer which has an incredible shine (Notice reflective nature in pictures). Starts easy, and Runs out GREAT. No expense was spared when restored. Steel panels are near perfect and NOT wavy.. Has extras such as Fat Man Steering Wheel and Bauer Wheel Lock. Period Correct upholstery in excellent condition. Bosch Distributor and Coil. A FUN car to drive. $12,000 OBO., Motivated seller. Call Jerry at 620-367-8257 or 620-386-0646. Goessel, KS
  11. I've talked to quite a few people about this car, but it is still available. Now with the price reduced to $52,500.
  12. I should have brought this up earlier, but we are still looking. We'll be at Hershey.
  13. The one in the middle is a Stevens-Duryea. The one on the right looks like a Mitchell.
  14. Thank you all for the interest and positive comments. Per your request, here are a couple photos with the rear seat removed - sorry, no spares, though.
  15. Here is the best side view photo I have. I can try to get a few from a distance next time it's out. For scale, the rims are 25" clinchers, and the tires are 880x120.
  16. Wayne-yes, we've had it 7-8 years. It's been fun to bring it back to what it is now. Mercer- I know how silly that sounds, but I don't want to see it's originality deteriorate from use during our ownership.
  17. Thank you for the compliments. It really is a neat car, and it hasn't been an easy decision for us to try to let it go. It seems to perform quite well, we just can't bring ourselves to tour with it. JV-if I can help with more photos, please let me know.
  18. It's in central Kansas. Price is at the top, but we're asking $62,500 but I'm glad to listen to offers and early trades.