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  1. I should have brought this up earlier, but we are still looking. We'll be at Hershey.
  2. The one in the middle is a Stevens-Duryea. The one on the right looks like a Mitchell.
  3. Thank you all for the interest and positive comments. Per your request, here are a couple photos with the rear seat removed - sorry, no spares, though.
  4. Here is the best side view photo I have. I can try to get a few from a distance next time it's out. For scale, the rims are 25" clinchers, and the tires are 880x120.
  5. Wayne-yes, we've had it 7-8 years. It's been fun to bring it back to what it is now. Mercer- I know how silly that sounds, but I don't want to see it's originality deteriorate from use during our ownership.
  6. Thank you for the compliments. It really is a neat car, and it hasn't been an easy decision for us to try to let it go. It seems to perform quite well, we just can't bring ourselves to tour with it. JV-if I can help with more photos, please let me know.
  7. It's in central Kansas. Price is at the top, but we're asking $62,500 but I'm glad to listen to offers and early trades.
  8. This 1911 Paige-Detroit is nearly all original. Absolutely incredible preservation vehicle. It features original dark blue with light gray paint on the body, original black paint on the fenders, original leather upholstery. It was delivered new without a windshield or top. We installed new tires, and reconditioned it to driving status. It is otherwise untouched. It was sold new in Lincoln, Nebraska, and remained there until we purchased it 8 years ago. It's been preserved by it's owners, and a history is nearly completely known. Being a surrey, the back seat is removeable to make it an even sportier runabout. This is reportedly the only complete 1911. Four cylinder, three speed transmission, 25" rims. It has never been shown at a concours or other major event-we'll leave that honor to the next owner. Asking $62,500, full or partial trades considered.
  9. 1920 Model T Ford Racer/Speedster. Features Frontenac Model T head, distributer, lightened flywheel, upgraded steering. It was assembled in western Kansas in the 1950's. We've had it for 7-8 years. Starts easily, runs well. It has 19" Model A wheels. We've run it about 400 miles, but it should probably be gone through mechanically before touring. The 4" exhaust sounds great! This ratty old car definitely attracts a crowd everywhere it goes. It is fast, loud and a lot of fun! Asking $10,500 or trade. or 316-648-7887. Located in central Kansas.
  10. This is a very nice, mostly original car with just under 47,000 miles. Definitely a strong HPOF candidate or great driving/tour car. The paint is all original, except the spot on the left front fender that was repainted many years ago. It has been polished through in some spots as shown. The interior is all original and extremely nice. It still has 2 seat covers, which I debated removing, obviously did not, but I have no doubt they have been on there is new (or close to it). I believe the interior underneath them would be in very nice condition, just like the areas that are not covered. We have owned it just over two years. We've done a basic tune-up, brake job, including wheel cylinders, and master cylinder, and replaced the fuel pump. We've driven it a few hundred miles. It starts easily, runs and drives nicely. It is a pretty well-optioned car for 1948, featuring a rear window wiper, side window visors, sun visor mirror, bumper guards, bumper extensions, whitewall tires, sideview mirrors, and rear fender stone guards. Engine is the 216ci six cylinder. Transmission is a three-speed column shift. The radio and windshield wipers do not work, but I believe everything else operates like it should. Asking $6,500. Trades considered. Located in central Kansas. or 316-648-7887
  11. TerryB is correct. It's a 1913 Overland Model 69-F. Judging by the spark and throttle levers, I would say the car next to it is Mitchell.
  12. I appreciate the correspondence I've had with a few of you about it, but it is still available. It is one of just eight known 2-cylinder Little Giant trucks. Price reduced to $23,500.
  13. This is a beautiful set of 1932 Chevy advertising. It comes in the original mailing box, titled the 1932 styling packet. Includes a very thin 16"x 22" poster. It includes 13 different color cards showing each body style. There is a description and price on the back of each one. Each card is approximately 7 1/2" long. Absolutely beautiful, unusual set. Asking $175, with free shipping in the US. Pm, or text or call. 316-648-7887.
  14. The Buick is a 1915 C-25. The car next to it is a Nash.
  15. Here it is. The top of the spring assembly mounts on the frame. The bottom of the spring assembly mounts on a bracket cast right into the rear axle housing. Sorry, these are the best photos I have right now.
  16. The diamond shaped emblem on our car was added by the dealer in 1928 when it was traded in on a new Paige. It should be round, and you can see the mark where it used to be.
  17. Layden is correct (as usual). It's a 1912 Paige-Detroit. Here's our 1911. Very similar chassis, very different body.
  18. It's 157 cid....5" bore and 4" stroke. It makes for the smoothest 2 cylinder engine I've ever seen.
  19. Thanks, John. I thought I had it in there-not sure where it went. I edited the ad.