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Buick 1924 model 55


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I´m restoring a 1924 Buick model 55 Sport tourer. I need help with the wood (frame and body parts). Can someone help me with pictures or blueprints. My wood parts are very rotten and some missing so ANY help would be great.

I also need to find top irons for it.

Thanks for your help.



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Try www.bobsautomobilia.com He sells a fisher body book that shows pictures of the wood. The book is for closed cars so you will only get an indication of how the wood fits. Aside from that, you are pretty much on your own. No one makes wood kits for Buicks. May be you can find someone with a 24-27 open car that has pictures of how the wood looked while they were restoring it.

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Guest andy2755x

G'day I know how hard it is for patterns of the wood frame.

I have not long ago rehung all the metal back on to the new frame of my '27 55x

sports tourer and would be happy to advise you where I can (my car is right hand drive )It took me ten years to piece togather the construction.

Do you have a trunk rack on your car as I need a pattern, tracing for it to manufacture one.

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