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  1. Good evening. I have a 1924 model 55 Sport tourer. Can you please send me a picture of the rear wood wheel. My email address i goperaciones@bosag.com.gt Regards David
  2. Thank you very much for your help. If someone please give me mor information on how to contact Mr. Basil, I would really appreciatte it because I have a lot of questions. Thanks. Why is it so hard to get information on 1924 Buicks?
  3. I´m restoring a Buick 1924, model 55 sport tourer. I´m a little confused about the gas tank. I know that this particular model had a special trunk rack. My question is: Is there any difference between my gas tank and the rest of the models of 1924? In all the book I have, the gas filling neck is on top of the tank and passes through the plate of the chassis. BUT, the tank that my car has, for some reason has an elbow on the side of the tank. I dont know if it was a modification made sometime ago, or if its because the truck rack would obstruct the gas cap. Any help with this is very appreciat
  4. Thank you very much for your help. I´ll contact Bob´s automobilia. Regards David Bonilla Guatemala
  5. I´m restoring a 1924 Buick model 55 Sport tourer. I need help with the wood (frame and body parts). Can someone help me with pictures or blueprints. My wood parts are very rotten and some missing so ANY help would be great. I also need to find top irons for it. Thanks for your help. Regards David
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