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rear seal fix

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An old Chevrolet in the CLASSIC CAR section? Yes - understandable - to the modern generations the word "CLASSIC CAR" simply means any old used car or pick-up truck you like (or are trying to sell).


May I respectfully suggest this may not be the best "thread" within this forum to find people familiar with Chevrolets.


Mostly older people in here, many who have a quite different interpretation of the word "CLASSIC CAR". To help you relate to how many in that generation think about what a CLASSIC car is, let me give you a picture.... of.... well ... say... pre-war an opening night at the Metropolitan Opera, or perhaps a diplomatic reception. The huge, elegant aristocratic "super-cars" delivering guests to an event would be "CLASSICS"..... where as the perfectly nice, ordinary, serviceable cars delivering trades-people and hired help to the rear entrance,  would be the "nice old cars".  


I personally can't be of much help - as I am not familiar with the ordinary cars of earlier eras.   I suggest within this forum there may well be "threads" populated by people more familiar with your kind of car.  That is where you may find old car enthusiasts better able to help you with accurate, relevant info.


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On 4/12/2024 at 6:59 AM, hdbob5454 said:

1940 chevy rear axle seals are leaking been a lot of years since I did one never on a car this old, do I just remove the cover on the rear end and remove a clip to slide them out?

Yes, after you take the spider gears out so you can slide the axles in slightly to get the clips out.


Try posting in AACA Technical. https://forums.aaca.org/forum/15-technical/  A majority of the people you would want to see your thread probably don't read the CCCA forum. I imagine that is why it has taken so long to get any responses. Good luck with the project.



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