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1941-1949 BUICK Headlight Switch. Excellent Condition. Tests Fine.


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This is an original equipment DELCO-REMY headlight switch for 1941 to 1949 BUICK. Part # 1995016. Fits 1941 to 1948 BUICK, all series, and 1949 BUICK, 40 series.


Excellent condition and tested. I have also chemically cleaned and lubricated the internal brass contacts. To my surprise, I found this 1941-1949 headlight switch inside a DELCO-REMY box for a 1939 BUICK headlight switch! I don't think its NOS, but it was super clean and worked fine, even before I did the internal cleaning and lube. 


It might be good to have a spare on the shelf, guys. The price is $50, plus the shipping. John


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