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1934 Franklin Airman Headliner

Manny Hondroulis

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I did a lot of research when I did our 33 Olympic and Hirsch was what I used, (wool for headliner and Bedford cord for seats and door panels). Bill was still alive then and knew just what I wanted. contact them, they will send you samples N/C. 

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4 hours ago, Manny Hondroulis said:

Thanks, Paul. The headliner I’m trying to replace is original but the Hirsch fabrics don’t seem to be a good match. 

I haven't seen inside a '34 in many years, but I don't remember seeing any headliner that was not like the broadcloth of earlier closed Franklins. The Series 19 are listed as broadcloth upholstery and likely used a light-colored lightweight broadcloth headliner to match. All the headliners I've seen were the lightweight broadcloth, even with leather interiors of oxfords and speedsters. 



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