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WTB 1930-32 Chrysler Plymouth Dodge Desoto REAR Wire Wheel Brake Drum

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Hi, I am looking for 1 rear wire wheel brake drum and hub for 1930-32 Chrysler/Plymouth/Dodge/Desoto. To suit 11inch brakes with 5x5.5 lug nut pattern. I will also accept a front one so I can use the drum.


Thank you'


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I strongly believe that you are not looking for a 30/31 brake drum. The original ones were much taller than 11" which again sounds like a mid or late 30s, possibly even newer drum? Besides that, the wheel bolt patterns of c1930 era differed a lot between Plymouth vs DeSoto vs Dodge vs various Chryslers.

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Thanks for your opinion. I strongly believe you are thinking of Chrysler model 72-75-77 14inch brake drums. My car is a Chrysler model 66 which has the same 11inch drums as Plymouth PA etc.

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