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1946-8 Chrysler T &C Trunk Hinge

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20240205_132245.jpg.864d63530c9269c62f93c78c136cfd33.jpg20240205_133236.jpg.f3f35b7765c8f6e4982e269128ecaa94.jpg20240205_133236.jpg.f3f35b7765c8f6e4982e269128ecaa94.jpgTrunk lid hinge off of a 1946-48 Chrysler T&C convertible, but I expect it will fit a sedan also. Left over from a restoration I did in 1987. It was rechromed at that time. It still looks very good. $200 PLUS S&H I also have a rear view mirror. 1 complete rechromed and 1 post only, not chromed. A L & R. $150 plus S&H20240205_132222.jpg.906ee8a96c2ff9c88003ce0835bd1798.jpg20240205_132245.jpg.864d63530c9269c62f93c78c136cfd33.jpg


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