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CJ Dunbar

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On 1/6/2024 at 9:02 PM, CJ Dunbar said:

Hood side vent door chrome ornament 1 to 4..

Right door key lock..

Right door lock mechanism..

I have a top and side panel for 34 PE,in other words,,half a hood. Can't say which side it is right now. The doors do have the handles,pretty good shape as I recall. I would sell the whole thing,not just the handles. It's a pretty good,straight one,no serious rust issues,but does have a large caliber bullet hole through both panels. Would take $175 plus shipping,if interested I'll dig it out and take some pictures. You would most likely have more contact with 34 people than I and could probably resell or trade the extra stuff. I also have some unidentified door handles and locks,if you send me a picture of the left one you have I'll look.

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Here are some pics of the hood side and top. Very straight,but that one handle has a curve in the end. They appear to be aluminum,not diecast so it would probably straighten up. I didn't see a lock that came anywhere near the same. I ship FedEx but all of them are getting expensive on these large items,I'm guessing close to a hundred bucks unless you are very close to SE Wyoming. Holler if interested.






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