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Franklin trunk

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this is the connection between the horse drawn coaches/carriages  and the adaption to the horseless carriage motor car. the eras from 1900 to the late 1920s saw this tradition and transition. Looking back to adapt to the current chassis. the ultimate example was built in 1927 on a Lincoln chassis , model L by the Judkins Body Company in New England. Note the trunk on that. I have seen the car in person at the Harrah Collection. The Franklin series 11 is very similar in shape and design.

In my study of coachwork and who and what was designed ( all hand drawn on illustration board) the renderings of such cars was done in opaque water color, then photographed and used in advertisements in custom body salon souvenir programs. The Judkins coaching brougham was in the NY salon on display and in a color advertisement by Judkins in that shows program. The original artwork for the Judkins Lincoln still exists and is hanging on the wall of my library . As does a Franklin series 11 showroom photograph of a town car looking very similar - also an original piece.

My friend in Ct. who posts here by the name of 3makes  was the man who found the original artwork of the Lincoln for me done by Roland Stickney in a shop and alerted it to me so I could buy it. One of the very few pieces of artwork in color that exists by artist Stickney who did most of the renderings/illustrations for the custom body builders for their sales portfolios, advertising, sales catalogs etc. The original artwork is large and most all did not survive the last century much was discarded before WWII.

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