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Dual spark on 4 cylinder

Old buicks 2

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Trying to help a friend find a suitable distributor for his dual spark 4 cylinder engine.   I have a cap that was used on 1929 Graham, 1929 Kissel and 1928-29 Studebaker.   This cap was also used on dual spark model T Fords with Rajo and Frontenc and other speed heads.    Question is,  what Delco distributor did they use?    He can modify the cam to 4 cylinder and I have several twin 4 rotors. 

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Mid 80s to early 90s Nissan pickups and 200SX cars had a dual spark ignition system with two plugs per cylinder, two coils and a double-sided rotor.  I had one on my 1987 Nissan hardbody pickup.  https://ratsun.net/topic/19879-distributor-wiring-8-plug-to-4-plug-swap-on-720/#comment-277280

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The first distributor that used the twin four rotor in question (Delco 16781) was horizontallly driven Delco distributor #5266 (1924-26 Pierce Arrow Truck). Originally the distributor was equipped with cap 16188 and rotor 16227 (sliding type) and was later converted to jump spark with cap 16780 and rotor 16781. As far as I can tell the only other 4 cyl. Delco-Remy Two Spark distributors that used rotor 16781 together with 1928-29 Stude cap 825430 are the following:






(S.M. stands for Special Model)

All above distributors are vertically driven and not used on passenger cars.








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