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Leaking carb teaser - where from????


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I have a leaking carb issue on my 57 Thunderbird.

The carb is original and recently rebuilt and worked fine until recently.

One one of the pics you can see a green arrow and this is where the fuel floods out when cranking or running the engine.

The other photo with a green arrow shows a hole, where the fuel may be escaping from.

It's really difficult to tell and I'm hoping someone has experienced this before.



Many thanks



Screenshot 2023-12-06 at 18.21.47.jpg


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If it is coming out of either hole, probably one of the following:


(1) Defective float

(2) Improper float adjustment

(3) Universal one-size-fits-all-is-also-incorrect-for-all fuel valve

(4) Cracked housing (very unlikely)

(5) Too much fuel pressure (new production pump from a country that will not be named, or an electric pump)


If it worked fine until recently best guess would be a defective float. Brass floats develop pin holes, float floats become heavy if the outer seal is damaged, or used with ethanol, new production brass floats have solder that is incompatible with ethanol).



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