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1937 vs 1939 flywheel clutch assembly

Norman Biggs

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Guess you didn't get much feedback     My car is a 31 flywheel and correct PP look the same, however some previous owner replaced the PP with a modern GM style it seems to work fine but I have a engine vibration issue.  So I am wondering if both the flywheel and PP are 0 bal on the split head 6 motors????????

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Well I finally got a chance to take the clutch out of my 39 engine.  Unfortunately it is a 9-1/4" assembly and the 37 is 10".  I could switch out Bell Housing, Flywheel, Clutch and all but both set ups need work.  Any thoughts or suggestions?



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Hi Norman. 

previously i had a similar conundrum whereby i couldnt obtain or  locate the correct diameter clutch plate. I did source a somewhat large plate that had a similar thickness and the splined hub was correct in diameter and number of splines.  turned it down on  a suitable  sized lathe  takng slow depth cuts  as  to fit inside the pressure plate. Its  been in service 10 years and still going strong ...

Looking at the rivet pattern in your pic it may / may not be into the rivets if you get the correct diameter. Some simple measurements will determine that. 

Borg Warner make replacement plates still in that diameter / pattern as ive sourced numerous other plates for other customers over here in Aus so im sure you would source then a lot easier in the US. 

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