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1940 6 cylinder fuel pump spitting oil

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I have the vacuum pump fuel pump combo and I've replaced the diaphragm and seals on it with a kit from bopparts.com. so I know the seals are new. I'm having a problem though that the oil gets past the gas side oil shaft seal and them it leaks out the two small breathing holes (I think). Has anybody seen this before? Not sure how to keep the oil out of the diaphragm chamber. 

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@mtl92 I've had quite the time with my old Carter fuel pump. It came off of my 1952 Pontiac Chieftain straight-8, when I first bought the car there was a significant hole in the diaphragm yet it still somehow ran even though it couldn't have been making vacuum and was filled with oil..


You may have to take it apart a few times, did you install your oil seals correctly? There should be two thicker round O-shaped seals with a bit of a lip in them, they need to go a specific way and then they are hammered in with a steel ring. If they aren't set properly it's very possible these are leaking. Send me some pictures of what you have so I can see where it's leaking and what pump you have. Is the pump at least pulling & feeding as it should? If so, you've done a good job so far. These things are very tedious!











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