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Time for effective steam from a cold start?

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I’ve been perusing this book off and on for a few days.  A statement was made that Doble wanted to achieve a full head of steam in under a minute. They used a “Venturi Booster Blower” with their burner to get effective pressure to start from cold.

I have zero experience with Steam cars but I am fascinated with how they approached the goals of automobile independence from a different angle.   I’m sure the technology changed radically  from the middle of the 18th century to the mid 1920’s, but I was kind of shocked that you could go from “cold” to under power in less than a minute.   

what was a typical lag time to accomplish this by other models by the 1910-1915  era?


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I own a Stanley and If all of the preliminary stuff has been done (draining a full boiler to operating level, filling pressure tanks and checking the engine oil level) it will take 20+/- minutes to generate enough steam to start moving from cold.  I have driven a Doble and it took less than two minutes from cold start to having enough steam to start rolling.   They both take a few miles to really get up to full temperature. 


If you want to see Stanley's, White's, and Doble's being fired up and run the best place to see videos is Jay Leno's YouTube channel. I only know one of other guy who has experience with all three steam marques. :D  


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