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Kadrone carbs.


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Thanks,I will.He took the motor to some guys house some time ago to try to repair it .I got it back home now and am slowly putting it back together as the parts come in.A few pieces are missing due to the transition but hopefully they're at that guys house.I didn't split the case because it's not that many miles since a previous rebuild.So far I've installed new jugs and am getting ready to put on a new set of performance heads.I haven't looked at the old heads yet.I hope I find a burnt valve or something.Greg

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On 5/11/2023 at 10:46 PM, vintage1 said:

Check with Kaddie Shack, https://www.shop.kaddieshack.com , they sell repair kits for those carbs and also can provide some technical advice and help. It might be worth contacting them and see if they have any suggestions for the problems your son is having with his VW.


It's running now on an engine stand and sounds good to me.Someone is coming by later today to sync.the carbs.

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