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1950 L122 Rear Brake Drum Removal

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I have a 1950 IH L-122 pickup with a leaking rear brake cylinder.  Took the wheel off, but can't figure out how to get the drum off.  Do I have to pull the whole axle out first?  Photo attached.  Really need some help here.




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That sure looks like a full-floating axle to me. I think if you take the axle out, the hub is probably running on a couple of timken bearings on the outside of the axle housing. There is probably some kind of a nut and locknut adjustment in there, and you take it apart more or less like a front wheel, just with way bigger bearings. Setups like that often take a special tool to deal with the nuts inside. You might have to rent, buy, or make one.


I guess it's possible the drum comes off separately. Take a close look around that dark are where the wheel sits for screws. I am not seeing any from here. I think it is most likely you will have to take the bearing apart.

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