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Value of 68 gs400


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Hi all,


Looked at a gs 400 today and want to get an ballpark idea of what these cars go for in the condition it's in and once restored. Thanks in advance!


1968 gs400, 49k on odometer not sure if it's gone over, wear on brake foot pad is to metal, hasn't been on the road in twenty years - it was parked to do quarters and needs paint job. Bumpers, rear glass, and chrome trim with vehicle but removed. Body has been sandblasted and two full quarter panels installed. Not a body man, but seems like they did a decent job with the quarter install though, it looks a little rough inside passengers door. Small patches will be necessary on doors and a few places around car. Was a vinyl roof car. Floor and frame look solid.


Original drivetrain, missing carb and exhaust manifolds, distributor. Has Holley 750dbl pumper and hooker headers, hei. Engine runs but MC empty, needs all new brakes I'd imagine. No power steering, brakes, or A/C. Tires shot but are full tread.


deep blue metallic paint originally, was sprayed red in 2000, some over spray exists - exterior currently bare metal. blue interior dyed black. Interior looks really good. I'd want to go back to original colors.


paint code on plate was E-2, is the 2 for vinyl top? 


seller is asking 8k


Thanks for any help.


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I don't think the price is out of line. Rolling bodies sell for maybe 4k. There's a lot of unique parts to find parts that if not with the car are going to be time suckers to find and costly to buy. 

You can buy a nice finished driver for 20k 

So my thought is tho the price is fair it's not money well spent

Strictly my thoughts. Steve

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