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Brush Crank


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Hi, I'm looking for help -  I drove my Liberty Brush for a Thanksgiving tour but discovered I couldn't crank her over when it was time to come home, as the "pin" in the hand crank had fallen out somewhere along the drive. 


This is a tapered pin, apparently press fit.  I found a mechanic who can reproduce and install it for me but would like a picture or dimensions of a good one if available.  Is it simply tapered, or is it flat on the ends to engage the engine?  If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated.  Please see the attached pictures. 


Thanks in advance,






HCCA Thanksgiving 2022 (85).JPG


Brush Crank Pin.JPEG

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You shouldn't need a custom made pin - Tapered pins are a standard hardware item. (and straight dowel pins) Measure the id (internal dimension) of the hole at both ends to get the diameter, and figure out the length needed. 


A local hardware or farm store may have  a small selection (avoid big box), and Amazon has some, but industrial suppliers like Grainger are the primary source. 



The pin is tapped in tight. You might then peen over the small end to keep it from coming out - but remember you may want to remove it at some point as well. 


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Thanks Roger, I appreciate your fast reply. I’d never looked at this area before having this problem, so didn’t  have anything for comparison. I believed the pin must stick through both sides of the crank to engage with the engine.  However, if I peen over the small end, only one side would engage, correct?
Thanks again, Dave

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