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1919 Nash Sports Tourer - Floor Heater

John Lynn

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Hello from New Zealand.

Just about to start the restoration of a 1919 Nash Sports Tourer which was purchased from the USA a few years ago and has been in storage awaiting the start of a restoration.

Overall , the car is in sound condition , engine turns over , body work 90% ok , needs painting and upholstery and general servicing of all mechanical parts to ensure they are all in running condition.


Car came with some spares , but not sure we have everything - will find out when I start stripping it down and re-assembling.


The most intriguing aspect of the car , is the heater in the floor in the rear passenger area. Looks like it will heat via water circulation , but I haven't been able to find any information in the Parts and Operating manuals I have for the car. Any help would be appreciated.


Have attached some photos.




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Hi. Just realised you were the first person to respond to my post back in June 2018 when I posted my 1920 Davis Phaeton Tourer restoration project. Not sure if you have still been following it, however , the car is all finished and completed its maiden tour run last weekend. I have updated the original post ( 1920 Davis )

Have attached a photo for you. New top being made and fitted next month.




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