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1959 Edsel Ranger 292 Power Steering Fluid

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That must be the one with a round reservoir sitting on top of the pump, and a hydraulic ram on the drag link, yes? I had a system like that on a Ford 30 or 40 years ago, and the cap was marked "Type A". I used Dexron II (or III) in it, as that is what Type A supersedes to. On Fords a bit newer, after Ford abandoned Type A, the caps were marked for Ford transmission fluid (Type F). Type F is different stuff, being a little closer to plain oil than Dexron II is. It also works fine. So does generic "power steering fluid".


Buying Dexron II or III today, if you choose to do so, is a bit of an odd experience. Apparently the standards are deprecated and they can't call it that anymore. For instance, Oreilly calls it "Premium Automatic Transmission Fluid" and you have to read the small print to see that it is "for use where Dexron II or III was originally specified".


Some more modern ATFs, including some later versions of Dexron, are lower viscosity than anything available in the old days. It would probably still be fine, but I wouldn't do it just because the 3 things I listed above are known to work with no issues, and are all still available.



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