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  1. you can email me directly at engr1962 at yahoo dot com
  2. wonderful! I am just starting to take the 212 I6 apart. The side water jacket cover is pretty rusted out on the inside, but that is all I have gotten to at this point.
  3. feel free to come back with the price you're thing
  4. Hi that part looks good! I don't even know what to offer? I don't want to be insulting, and low ball you. 75$?
  5. I'm restoring a 46 Super Six, and I'm looking for a glovebox door glass that isn't broken. I have one, but it is shattered. Thanks! dan
  6. Hi All, I have just began working on my 1959 edsel Ranger. I am new to Edsel(s). I am sanding down the entire body to fix holes, and paint it etc. I find that there is no side logo (E D S E L) that goes 1/2 on the door and 1/2 on the front fender. Seems like all the pictures online I see have that. Is mine just special, or are they really missing? Thanks, dan
  7. THis guy is parting out a 59 edsel, I got the hood from him, so I figure he probably has that cable. /dan https://www.ebay.com/itm/1959-EDSEL-TRUNK-LID-421497/132550764177?hash=item1edca42691:g:EeIAAOSwQFJatxOj&vxp=mtr
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