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1941 Oldsmobile steering column wiring diagram

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Hi all. I have all I need to complete the new horn wiring under the steering wheel but still can't get any pictures or diagram of what happens with the wire at the lower end of the steering column. My car has a small hole on the column with a short wire emerging from the column, there is no tab or anything else attached. This wire is solidly attached INSIDE the column. There is a melted grommet visible on the photo but nothing else.


Anyone has a diagram of what holds the wire at the bottom of the steering wheel?  Once I have this information I will try to fish a new wire from the top but there must be some protection for the wire at the bottom so the steering shaft does not destroy it while turning. By the way, the wire is likely worn out, there is continuity from the top, is permanently grounded and is the reason why needs replacement.


Thank you for any input.  Manuel

horn wiring lower steering column.jpg

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Well, since I have not heard any tips from Forum members I decided to experiment and see where I end. In answer to my questions "what holds the horn wire at the lower end of the steering column" the answer is simple: nothing. The wire is soldered at the top of the column to the upper steering bearing assembly and then goes down along the steering shaft until it reaches the hole shown in my original post at the lower end of the column. There is no tab, no bracket, nothing to hold the wire at that location. Once the upper bearing assembly on top of the column is removed, the wire follows easily because is attached to this bearing.


This is what I did and seems worked fine and decided to post because I don't see this information in the shop manuals, various Forums, or any place in the know-it-all world of the web


1. First step was to remove the Upper Steering Bearing assembly. I already knew that the horn wire ended up on this bearing assembly immediately under the steering wheel. I came across a tool made by Kent-Moore - KMO 679 in one of my Olds manuals and was lucky to find one on ebay. The tool is a thread cutter essentially and it is screwed inside the bearing assembly. Once the tool is fastened to the bearing it uses a bolt the same way any wheel puller does and extracts the entire bearing assembly without much damage.  This bearing has a coat of insulation all around it and also internally so that the horn wire is not grounded. The ground is provided by the horn ring when pressed and a metal connector touches the edge of this insulated bearing assembly causing the horn to work


This is the upper bearing assembly that needs to be removed to access the horn wire and below is a sample of a spare part





This is the Kent-Moore tool to pull out the bearing assembly. Photo taken after the assembly was pulled  but you can see exactly how the tool works





Next photo shows the assembly being pulled with the intact horn wire still attached (soldered) to the bearing assembly. Wire totally free at the lower end of the column so I could "fish" a new wire all the way to the top of the steering column.




2. Next step is to solder the new wire that was "fished out" to the new bearing assembly. This was done inside the car over a box on the driver's seat because the new wire is already inside the column.




The bearing has an indentation where the wire seats. Important to keep this indentation deep so the soldering will be flushed with the bearing. If it is thick, it will touch the inside of the steering column and will ground the horn. The whole purpose of this part is just the opposite, to prevent any grounding


3. Then I inserted the new bearing inside the column. I was so excited that forgot to take a photo. I used a large socket the diameter of the bearing edge and drove it inside with a mallet. It went in easily. Immediately after I tested with a multimeter and it showed was insulated as needed. Still has to connect the lower end of the wire to the voltage regulator and try.


4. The wire exits the steering column at the lower end. I added a new grommet to the exit site and plan to put a clamp around the column and attach the wire to it so it will not be accidentally pulled from below




I will make final connections and then mount the steering wheel to test my restored horn ring. Hope this helps somebody



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Would it be worth adding a rubber grommet where the wire exits from the tube to prevent it rubbing thru?

Just a thought

Rodney 😀😀😀😀😀😀


PS was also surprised there were zero responses but glad that you posted your fix. It is all interesting stuff.

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