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Used Car sales sign kit - to me a neat item

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A little while back I'd acquired a sales sign kit from pkhammer, who is a good friend of mine.  In his stash he found a few of the backing plates, and yesterday he was kind enough to deliver them to me at the local show (put on by the local AACA club, though I don't quite understand the show anymore as it has hot rods and modified cars on the field).  The paper signs slide into slots in the backing plate, which can then be mounted on wall or hung (maybe from rear view mirror as Greg suggested)....


The different signs possible from the kit is not quite endless, but with the numbers, statements, and makes represented a LOT...Packard, DeSoto, Chevy, Plymouth and other makes, plus numbers and blurbs like "Good Buy" and  "Just Painted" and so forth...what's shown is just a sampling, I'd say well over a hundred cards in kit.  Note that it states NEON and some of the cards are bright.............fun stuff


I'm probably going to make up a couple signs for my garage and then bring the rest to Hershey....




sign 2.jpg

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Thanks for sharing this - VERY COOL indeed. Your comment about attending the car show with modified cars and hot rods - I attended a show here on long island yesterday as well ,huge field of cars at an outstanding location - they too let in some modified cars and hot rods - AACA show, not a lot perhaps a half dozen  BUT  WHY? there is enough room there to let them park in their own group but no there they were among all the original cars . Must be a $ thing , more cars more income.....................


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