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1957 Chevy red oxide primer underside of floor pans

Len Yerkes

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Does anyone have documented evidence that the underside floor pans were painted red oxide color. My 1957 Chevy Bel Air was built in the Oakland, CA factory on December 12th, 1956. I am looking for as much corroborating information as possible.

Thank in advance for your assistance.99CFAAF1-AA82-44AC-A198-A669CD174918.jpeg.98d329fdf72d257e048afa37ff4009bd.jpeg





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Searching for authentic paint colors is lot's of fun!  I did it for my 1940 model.  My best success was looking up owners on club membership rosters for the specific car, then calling owners/members to determine weather the car was restored or not.  I eventually found many new friends and a couple people that had original cars.  You will even find details that pass by current judging such as zinc oxide brake backing plates.

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