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Drive shaft uni joint disc advice 1930 Triumph Super 7

Rata Road

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I recently purchased a 1930 Triumph Super 7 with a vibration. It has a closed in drive shaft and then a 1/5 meter open broom stick like drive shaft from the gearbox.

I have removed the shaft and sent it away to be checked for straightness and perhaps balanced.

The question is if I remove the two flexi drive flanges and swap front to back plus turn them over so they are now driving in the opposite rotation will this lengthen their life and perhaps provide a smoother operation.

The discs look in good nick to the eye.


Also here is a link to a video of it operating at idle in gear.




image.jpeg.42d8ef7943bb34580682642e0e6cbbea.jpegink to the shaft operating at idle speed in gear with rear jacked up, you can see the wobble.

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I'd say you are ready for new fabric coupling. They are not difficult to get. They are known as Hardy Spicer couplings. Google is your friend locating them.



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