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1954 Chrysler New Yorker 8 Passenger

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Hi All,


I may be taking a look at a 1954 Chrysler New Yorker 8 Passenger. I drive a 1947 Desoto Suburban, so I am somewhat knowledgeable on the MOPAR LWB cars.


What I would like to know is has anyone ever seen the cowl tag on one of the 1954 Chrysler New Yorker 8 Passenger cars? The owner looked it over and only found the serial number on the plate in the drivers door hinge as usual and the Briggs tag on the firewall, but no cowl tag with all the configuration information.


I managed to find a bad photo on the internet of one with a engine bay shot and it does not look like there is one on it either. Can anyone shed any light on this? Perhaps they used a different location or on the very low production cars they just did not use one.


In addition, if there is anyone out there that has extensive knowledge of this model I would appreciate a change to give you a call and talk about it.


Thanks, James

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