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Headlight Assembly?


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Can anyone tell me what this headlight assembly fits?  The stainless steel buckets are 13 inches deep and 9 inches in diameter.....Lenses are cast with STABILITE and CORCORAN-BROWN LAMP CO,  Assembly is 41 inches wide..I was told it was for a Studebaker President, but the lamps on that car do not seem as deep and pointed as these? Thanks for any help.....




DSCF7113 (1) - Copy.JPG

DSCF7108 - Copy.JPG

DSCF7109 (1) - Copy.JPG


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48 minutes ago, 406mac said:

I don't think the Chrysler has the mounting bar.....arent he 1935 headlights mounted directly to the fender? Thanks

They mount to the radiator shroud. There is no bar on the '35 Chrysler.

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