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Stromberg M-1 Carburetor


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Buick did not use the Stromberg M-1, but IF THE CALIBRATION IS CORRECT, I would consider this a massive upgrade from the Marvel. Since Stromberg did not offer an M-1 as a replacement, one would need to do a bit of research to determine correct calibration.


The M-1 was used on a number of automobiles in the 1916~1922 time period, and the carburetor continued to be used on trucks and tractors as original equipment through 1933. Really an excellent early brass carb.


I custom make kits for the M-1.



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We still make the kit for the M-1, if you are not in a hurry. We are fairly backed up right now on pre-WWII kits other than Carter, but taking orders to process as received.


Contact info in my signature block below.



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