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1903 Haase Model B Phaeton

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Hasse cars were produced between 1902-1904 in Milwaukee' date=' Wisconsin for a company named Northwestern Furniture Company or Northwestern Automobile Company. There were two models a 6hp and an 8hp. They may have been known as "Phaeton". They made their debut in the Labor Day parade in Milwaukee 1902. A company in Illinois named H. Brothers may have actually manufactured the cars for Northwestern.


built by the "Northwestern Furniture and Cabinet Company @ 271-3 W. Water St Milwaukee. They manufactured commercial store, office and bar equipment and furniture. For example if you were building a hotel, they would do all the woodwork for the registration desk/counter. They could also produce all the furniture. They were in business from 18??-1972, the building still stands.



Northwestern a German Immigrant owned/started company announced in 1902 it was going to produce an automobile, and 2 models would be offered. a 6 hp Runabout and a 8hp Phaeton. It is believed the 6 hp model with smaller wheels was never produced. The evidence suggests that the company made ONE production Run in 1903 of 15 Model "B" Phaetons. (the ONLY one surviving today is car #5 of the 15) Because of the limited production, all were "Show Stripped" generally only the first few were, so the Haase had gold leaf, as well as red and vermillion pin stripping heavily (and costly) applied. Their Haase Company sales slogan was "Shure sellers, quick sellers" this was not true in the end, and by 1905-6 they still had cars from the 1903 run unsold. They dropped the price on the remaining cars to $850.00 by 1804. The owner and builder spent the rest of his life into the 1960s trying to find and buy back a Haase, he believed all were lost.



The Hasse model to survive today was sold by the "Graham Cycle Co, Chicago" and still has the sales tag attached, the first auto dealers were bike shops. The Haase has a self generating "Phare-Solar" single headlight, Nortwestern did not offer this, so it COULD have been installed by Graham Cycle for the streets of Chicago, or by Chas. O. Krohne, the original owner and buyer, for the wilds of Montana capable of illuminating like daylight nearly 1/2 mile.



Northwestern announced (I forget the year) 1907 ??? It would once again enter the automobile market place with a totally new car, they never did.



In 1903 the Model "B" Phaeton sold for $1,200. the top was $50. more, in fine leather $100. The Haase was an "assembled car", meaning all the parts were bought on the market to build it, for example the rear axle was purchased from "Brown-Lipe" assembled cars of that era were of the highest quality, because the parts were all purchased from one source, who only made one thing, they could then produce the best part. NORTHWESTERN of course produced the body, which is wood, of the highest quality cabinet work. The car has 32 x 3 single tube tires, in 1903 about $1.30 each, 1988 about $350. each, now no longer produced.



In 1903 Ford, Packard, Oldsmobile and Cadillac were all producing cars, BUT they were one cyl, the Haase was 2, then as now cyl represented power, speed, prestige and $$$, being twice the cost of a one cyl auto, and hill climbing, as well all of the cars mentioned had a "Rickety" crude 2 speed planetary transmission operated by awkward foot pedals, like a Model T Ford, which had a to low low, and to high high, The Haase had a 3 speed constant mesh, selective clutch transmission, the only one of its kind ever in that era. NO ONE knows who produced it, the "H" Brothers produced the 2 cyl opposed suction intake 300 ci engine. All steel artillery wheels were produced by Dayton, another very rare feature, as well the Hasse was left had drive, all American cars were right hand till about 1906-8 Left hand meant your gal did not have to get out in the mud of the street when parked at the curb. As well the Hasse had the first known true brake pedal, AND gas pedal of the time, a side bar gear shift for the automatic 3 speed transmission. The Haase had the radiator up front as it should be, as well the first glove box.



Speed of the restored car is better than 37 mph, original posted top speed was 32, a racer of the day. Had not Chas O. Krohne bought the car, there would be no surviving Haase today. By I am guessing 1910-15 all the Haase cars had been junked, dismantled for the valuable parts and scrap. The Haase was 97% complete and original when restored around 1986 to 100 points, it received an invitation to Pebble Beach, to the Concurs de Elegance, attributing to the restoration quality. The difference between a 96 point and a 100 point restoration today is at least 20k depending on car, to well over 200k. 1 in 500,000 cars today are not restored to 100 point standards, due to cost and time constraints.

























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