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1959 AH 100-6 anti corrosion tape

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Bill, I am more comfortable with a coating than a stick on tape especially if a good metal prep for aluminum is put on before the coating.  It is important to keep the connection as dry as possible in the area where galvanic corrosion will be trying to take place.  I have a Locomobile 48 whose body is mostly aluminum.  During the restoration process, I will be replacing the aluminum splash aprons as they were not protected from the factory on the undersides.  I will be coating all of the underside of the splash aprons in that application.  Steel has it's dang rust, aluminum has it's dang galvanic corrosion.  How deep are you going into your Healey?


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Well it has been a long project and I have the fenders on the car with a 1 inch gap so I could paint in between the connection points. Then I realized that I need to put something in between the aluminum and steel. A little late on my research but I figured now that there must be something I could put in between that will allow me to keep the fenders in place as they are to avoid scratching the new paint.

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