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  1. What is a good oil to use with the overdrive? I read that a lighter than other gearboxes is required
  2. I received an email from Pierre Hedary an MB Mechanic on you tube and he said I need at least 6 bar and at most 7.1 bar to the fuel distributer. Just FYI
  3. I can't seem to find the fuel pressure required at the fuel distributor on my 420 SEL. I am trying to determine if my fuel pumps are sending enough fuel. Thanks for any info.
  4. I am still looking for the white ceramic disc/valve for the fuel distributor. Even a non rebuildable distributor that I could take apart and salvage a disc from it...Thanks
  5. I am looking for a vintage speedometer rebuilder for my Austin Healey in the Southern California area, anybody know of one?
  6. Thanks vintage 1 but I am still not having any luck finding the piece I need. I think I need to try to find a fuel distributor that is not rebuildable and take out the internal parts as needed. Still looking for any suggestions. Thanks and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
  7. How do you determine if you have wide or narrow brake drums on this car. Apparently wide drums will not allow 60 spoke wire wheels to be used
  8. I decided to try rebuilding my fuel distributor but while doing so I managed to break one of the eight ceramic disc/valves that sit on top of the diaphragm. I am hoping someone might be able to tell me where I could find a replacement. Thanks
  9. Thanks again everyone. Looks like I can stop buying parts for a while as the car runs good now. I probably was going to get it running with the parts I had but most likely would not have known what fixed it without all your input. Thanks again!!
  10. Thanks for all the responses everyone. I guess I left a key problem when asking for help. When the engine quits there is absolutely no spark. Then when it sat it started and ran long enough to get home. I then went to start it another day and it ran very rough then died again. Unable to restart an hour later. several days later still will not start. I am in the process of changing out the coil, distributor cap, rotor and the pick up coils hoping that will fix it. I am a typical backyard mechanic replacing things that seem obvious but I am not too knowledgeable with electronic systems. The coil has power to the positive and negative side but no power out of the high voltage to the plugs. Anymore help will be appreciated
  11. Just hoping somebody has an idea of why my car would run until warmed up then completely die, Instruments included but won't start when I turn it over until I let it sit for an hour or so. It runs rough as well.
  12. Thanks Hemi Dude, I appreciate your advice,
  13. Also what should the fuel pressure be. I think I can rig up a test station without too much problem...Thanks
  14. Thanks everyone for your suggestions and great info. This car belongs to a good friend of mine that bought it new and he asks me to help him keep it running. I replaced the tank and fuel pump probably 5 years ago and then it has sat ever since probably adding only 50 or so miles on it. I asked him if he starts it regularly and he said he did and added a gallon or so of gasoline once and awhile when he did. It has about a half tank in it now and so I am wondering if stale gas could cause the problem? If so how can I get the old gas out without anymore work than necessary? I am not lazy it is just time that I don't have!! Thanks again...Bill
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