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  1. Thanks Hemi Dude, I appreciate your advice,
  2. Also what should the fuel pressure be. I think I can rig up a test station without too much problem...Thanks
  3. Thanks everyone for your suggestions and great info. This car belongs to a good friend of mine that bought it new and he asks me to help him keep it running. I replaced the tank and fuel pump probably 5 years ago and then it has sat ever since probably adding only 50 or so miles on it. I asked him if he starts it regularly and he said he did and added a gallon or so of gasoline once and awhile when he did. It has about a half tank in it now and so I am wondering if stale gas could cause the problem? If so how can I get the old gas out without anymore work than necessary? I am not lazy it
  4. This car has less than 9000 miles on it. Starts and runs fine in the driveway but when I drive down the street it seems to starve for gas. I replaced the fuel filter but did not help. If I slowly give it gas it will rev up as usual but as soon as I try to step on the throttle harder it sounds like it will die out but never does. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks...Bill
  5. this is an 89 Chrysler TC with less then 9000 miles on it. I thought this post would have gone into the TC section where I was reading other posts.
  6. The car has been sitting for a couple months and when I started it it seemed to run and idle fine but when I backed out and went down the street it acted like it was starving for fuel. When sitting in neutral it revs up fine but in gear it seems like it wants to stall out. I replace the fuel filter but did not seem to help. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. My Mangusta does not get driven as often as it should and lately the times I drive it, the shifter seems to be stiffer and stiffer.I lubricated all the linkage and it seems to be fine. The problem seems to be inside the gearbox. Does anyone have any ideas of where I should start looking or has anyone else had similar problems? Thanks in advance for any help...Bill Sorensen
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