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Yellow 16v on ebay from Illinois

Turbo Kane

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Here's the rest of the story


It was listed and supposedly sold on sept 26th with 62017 miles for $6300 or so, but that was not a good figure, because " best offer was accepted".  Or. apparently not, because it was again listed


on Nov 19th and sold ( hopefully ) with 64,000 miles for $4325, which I feel is a realistic figure concerning the age, condition etc.


Other sales for 8v models have been $2000 & 2500 for average-good condition to $6600 for a model that appears showroom with only 12k miles. 


I really believe these sky-high sales figures you hear about are just a lot of smoke and mirrors, because I have been following sales for over a decade now, and have seen them get nowhere near what people claim to get for them.

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I keep telling myself that one day my generation of FWD turbo 4 cylinders enthusiasts will appreciate this car more than the car shows full of old guy corvette owners. I’d love to show the younger crowd the 16V TC’s greater potential. I’d assume Nile makes a believer out of people at autocross events with his! As for value, who really knows but with the current inflation the average beater drivable car has gone up considerably. I just sold one of my cars for about $4000 more than I paid for it 2 years ago and I put almost 40k miles on it. The auto market is absolutely insane right now. 

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