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Need info on wood grain base color for 1941 Oldsmobile Series 78

Doctor's Pontiac

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Can somebody provide the name of the base color for wood graining the dash and the garnish moldings of a 41 Oldsmobile Sedan Series 78? I talked to Evan at Grain It Technology and he thought the lighter color is a Maple 2 (GBC MP2) and the darker color is Driftwood 3 (GBC DW3) based on his chart. I purchased them and did a test before removing all my moldings and dash (big winter project) and wood-grained a scrap metal to compare with my worn out original. The Maple is clearly not right, it is too yellow. You can see in the pictures of my original window garnish molding and of the color chart attached, that the light color of the original is more brownish-grayish than the yellow Maple. The darker brown part seems correct with Driftwood 3.  Please provide any reference that can be helpful to know the correct color. My impression is that the lighter color is Driftwood 1 (GBC DW1) on this chart. Shop Manual and Body Manual that I have do not mention anything about color or pattern of the wood grain.


There may be different colors for 41 Olds. Mine was in the middle of the scale. The 98 was the top of the line. Mine is a 78.


Hope to get some tips from your previous experiences.  Of course, will discuss with GIT as well but your opinions will be appreciated. Thank you. Manuel  


Wood grain garnish molding Olds 41.jpg




Wood grain garnish molding 2.jpg




Wood grain garnish molding 1.jpg




Wood grain dash 1.jpg




Wood grain dash 2.jpg

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Mike Fusick or Carlo Cola's family are the best resources I can think of for 1941. Possibly Bob Petters. But I think they all had 98s, and I don't know if there were differences.


The Fusick 1941 phaeton was recently donated to the RE Olds Transportation Museum in Lansing. You might try contacting the Museum for pictures of its woodgraining.

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