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1954 Pontiac Bumper Jack


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Hi folks and hope all is well. Does anyone have the correct year bumper jack for a '54 Pontiac? The one that came with my car is missing the base. A fella is selling one locally from a '54 Chevy but doesn't have the bumper cradle. Now I don't know if mine is correct or his. He only wants $30 so I'm thinking of picking it up. I was actually hoping my upright would fit the base but it doesn't look remotely close. It's the one with the black base. The rusty one has been sold. I'm mostly curious at this point. Thanks.  


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I was hoping someone could share a picture so I could compare it to what I've got. Maybe mine isn't time correct. 

It would be too heavy to ship anyway and the prices some sellers have for one online are outrageous for a piece I would never use. I always thought it would be neat to see one when someone was viewing the trunk. 

We don't have scrap yards anywhere near where I live and can only dream of rummaging through one like a kid in a candy store!

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