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Wondering whatever happened to my Reatta


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Hi all - my son discovered this photo of my 1989 Reatta, which I sold shortly after he was born (can't install baby seats in a 2 seater 😞 ).  I was reminiscing and wondering whatever happened to her.  She was so beautiful and fun to drive.  So, I dug up my old account name and password from when I used to belong to this group and logged in!


I sold her in Jacksonville, Florida in 2011 but I don't remember the name of the man I sold her to.  Her VIN number was 1G4EC11C8KB906752.  I know it's a long shot, but if her owner is on here I'd love to know how she's doing!


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Welcome back. I couldn't remember you or your car so I read your posts before responding. It was while I was reading your posts that I remembered you with your dad and the inverted nut wrench. In the years since you left I have wished I bought one. I have since learned other ways to remove them, but do remember what a good idea it was.

At any rate welcome back and good luck in your search for your Reatta. It was pretty nice and maybe it is still around.

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