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Looking for a spare tire well for my '51 Pontiac Chieftain

Andy J

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I'm restoring my '51 Pontiac Chieftain.I've replaced all the rusted out sheet metal floors and trunk.All I need is a new spare tire well to replace the rusted out one.I can repair the original,but it would be much easier to get a new one and it would look better,too.I've looked everywhere that I know to look to no avail.I would really appreciate it if someone could direct me to the right place.

I've been told a Chevrolet of the same year will fit,but I don't think so.I have a '52 Bel Air and it isn't close to the same.

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Well,I put this off until it was the very last metal work I had to do.So,with a ball peen hammer,pliers,vice,anvil,and sand bag I shaped the metal and welded it together.It looks and fits damned good.

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Here you go John Hess! I've never done any metal work before,but it suits me just fine.I'm going to start a thread in the restoration forum to show the remainder of my build.I'm almost ready for paint.I wish I had started this sooner,but I just now figured out how to do this.IMG_20220324_162540.jpg.078e888b1923147b773687ff8ae28e98.jpg


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