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1939 Packard rear seat hold down

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I have a 1939 Packard Six that I am preserving. At the moment, repairing rust in corners of floor pan by rear seat and when I pulled the rear seat out, previous owned used parts of conduit clamps tp hold the seat in place. There are two bosses in the frame just below 1" holes in the seat frame. Does  anyone have photos or could outline what the hold down looked like?

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9 hours ago, JWBlazek said:

Thanks Steve. Can't reach out to Dave via this forum as apparently I haven't met the minimum posting requirements yet. Hoping Dave picks this threqd up.

You should post in Packard specific section.  Dave pops on and i am not sure he hits general section.  Plus, if your new, you need to check it out.


BTW, by any chance, need a shop manual, windshield divider chrome and maybe a few other odds and ends?  Will make a nice deal, sold our 39 120 a while back, noyhing big but odds and ends keep turning up... 

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Let me snoop around, I believe that will fit, the same car cowl back.  I would go $75 on chrome, as I think I paid a little much at $125, at hersher a few years back.  I obviously never got around to replacing mine.  Car had fantastic chrome except that one part...


I might have some interior stuff, repro dome switch, etc. Let me check it out.

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