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  1. 120 (8 cyl) 120HP @3800, 12 Cyl, 173HP @ 3200 RPM
  2. Max power, per the manual, is 100 HP @ 3600 RPM, so I would guess redline would be 4200
  3. Arbitrarily set at 2500, starts making a lot of noise at that point anyway! Most people think its a clock, but with the hand set at "12:00" position, looks unusual and they take a second glance
  4. Tachs are quite rare but are in the salesman handbook for the 39 as they introduced Econodrive (overdrive) and the "Handishift", 3 on the tree. My 1939 has one of those rare options, still works, although needs to be repaired / preserved. I am not restoring my 39, just trying to preserve it with its originality
  5. I have a 1939 Six. The dash cluster is held on place with some hard to get to nuts on either side of the cluster, affixing it to the main dash. I believe there were 6 of them
  6. No. I didn't know that Packard even had a clock for the mirror. Mechanical clock, must have been a very large mirror. Do you have a picture of this?
  7. Sorry for the delay, but here are several pictures from my 39 Packard 6. 1201 is the Tach in the dash, 1203 is the generator takeoff and 1204 is the badge on the generator. Happy to answer any more questions or supply more photos
  8. Tom , still looking for photos? I have a 1939 Packard with tachometer in glove box door run mechanically off the back of the generator
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