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Paint/ body expert? Where a 2 tone meets without molding over it


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What is it your asking ?

How to fix it,how to improve it ,how to preserve,how to arrest it?

Or you just showing?


Short of keeping it clean,keeping excess  water away from it,keeping it out of extreme cold and heat and hot sun or moth ball the car in a dark cool dry place 24/7 365 days a year..there is not much you can do but be mindful and enjoy what you have for as long as it holds up .


I've seen people glue chips back on,wick super glue under cracked edges and so..but the paint is going to slowly(some times extremely slowly if your lucky) age no matter what ,but do not let it deter your from enjoying the experience of driving the car,often!


It takes some seriously  thick lacquer or lacquer layers over some other paint to do whats happening with the brown!





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