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1949 Coupe Deville

1966 Calais

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Does the 1949 Coupe Deville have a different style number than the series 62 Coupe?


Did the interiors, of the coupe Deville,  only come in 2 colors blue and brown # 68 and #69?


Are the rear quarters on a 49 a 2 piece with body felt between the panels  or one piece of stamped steel?


thank you Robert

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The CDV was designated 6237X and coupes were 6207 6207X. Those were the only two interior colors offered on the CDV, Blue Plain Broadcloth & Gray Leather and Tan Plain Broadcloth & Tan Leather.

I'm not sure about the body stamping. Some years and models panels were made with stampings from a few pieces and then spot welded together into one unit.

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