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1936 Buick Special Rear shock update

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I got lucky, turns out my front shocks are toast on my '36 Special. However, the back seem to be in excellent shape! When I removed them they were not leaking and were still full of oil which I am replacing. The only problem is the links broke that connect the shock to the suspension. Can anyone provide me a picture of their '36 Special rear shocks & link setup? I'm sure over the years mine have been modified a little. My part numbers are Delco LoveJoy 1053004 1439F 2J2 and 1053005 1439E 2J2. Not even sure if these are my year. Thanks!




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Nice! Where did you acquire this. Shocks to springs wanted almost $100 to make this for me (not counting hardware). I have one of these and the bottom rusted and broke. I was going to take some ready rod and make my own using the "U" at the top. Not sure if ready rod will be strong enough for the road shock. 

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Update. Rebuilt front shocks, pivot pins upper and lower along with intermediate arm bearing. She rides like new. We also made the rear shock links out of some old parts and some modifications of other NOS parts from WWII in addition to some ready rod. We'll see how it holds up! 







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