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48 Lin Rear Drum Seals


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          I checked the parts book and I guess you are asking about the front and rear grease retainers?   These are Ford part #s-

the frt. is 48- 1190 A,   2.68" O.D.   and the rear are  78-1175 , 2.84" O.D.   Your favorite Old Ford parts supplier should have these. JUst

request they be shipped by UPS or any other than USPO.  They are still way behind in PACKAGE delivery. As for removing them , I used a long

screw driver or pry bar. There is a  special tool with a   "heel". Since the old seals are junk,  you could drill a small hole and use a  body and fender

dent puller. As for installing the new ones, I have used a large socket and carefully tapped them in  or a hard wood block. What ever, be careful

and don't damage the drum!---Good luck and take your time!---Larry


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To remove the rear seals, you need to remove the split ring that is holding them in. I use 2 screwdrivers to work them out of the groove. A small thin one to get it started and then a thicker one to work around the drum. Some people grind one end of the ring  on an angle so that it is easier to get a tool behind it and get out of the groove. Once the retaining ring is removed, you can use a seal puller or a long screwdriver like Larry suggested.


You should be able to order the National seal, but they are very pricey in the US. I use the ones sold by Yesteryear Ford Parts. His shipping rate to Canada is very high, so try to source them in Canada.

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I followed Larry's advice and have removed both seals. I have tried to buy seals in Canada and as usual nothing. I had to buy them in the US at a cost of $20.00 each


Thanks Guys 

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