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Gummed Buick shipping tape

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I thought this was pretty unusual as far as Buick memorabilia goes. I bought this roll of gummed shipping tape on ebay in the last 6 months. I'd never seen anything like this before. I took a chance buying it because the seller said he didn't think it would unroll. He was right. It apparently had become wet a number of times and despite it's appearance it will not unroll. I cut through about 4 layers to see if I could get past the supposed wet part but no dice. It's stuck together and only good for a paperweight or collectible. I still like it. 

Shipping tape_1.jpg

Shipping tape_2.jpg

Shipping tape_3.jpg

Shipping tape_4.jpg

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17 hours ago, shart said:

MrEarl. I could cut off a chunk of it for you and you could stick it to yourself and be a walking Buick "package!"



Reet would probably love that until I got sent back stamped Return to Sender. Curious, what was your search words to have found that. As the Buick Sales and Service is coming closer to completion, I'm beginning to look more and more for "Buick Engineer Approved" products and cans for display. Stuff is getting scarce and certainly not cheaper. 

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I just generally look for Buick -ad in the Collectibles section. I'm sure it's not fool proof but I seem to always find something I want. If I could get it unstuck we

could wrap you as a Buick mummy! What about that!

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