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1932 Wisconsin license plate frame


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License plates in this country did not become standard size until the 1950s! I am not sure when other states adopted the standard size, but Califunny didn't until 1956. Although they had randomly used that size in 1929 and a couple other years in the 1930s.

So, license plate frames have been hit and miss in this country for a long time! AAA offered nice frames with their logo on them going way back into the 1920s, and they were made in many different dimensions for different states and years. License plate frames otherwise never seemed to be very popular, probably due to the limited market potentials because of the varying sizes and shapes.

About twenty years ago, a member of our local Nickel Age Touring Club cast copies of AAA's cast aluminum frames that fit the 1920s size Califunny plates. It was a limited run, and he sold out quickly. He and a few other club members had decent original frames that he copied. AAA also some years used a pressed sheet aluminum frame, that a creative person could with simple tools duplicate. The 1930s and '40s style AAA porcelain emblems are fairly easy to find and get. A carefully made aluminum sheet frame with a proper shaped area to rivet the porcelain emblem could look very good and be fairly correct.

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