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Cockpit Cover

Gary Frank

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Are the cockpit covers that were mentioned on this site several months ago still available. I should do a search, looking for a blue one for my father inlaw. He lives in Florida and never puts his top up. When playing golf this could protect his car from the sun if it easy to put on.


Gary Frank

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The Reatta convertible cockpit cover is to protect the interior with the top down. The design attaches to the wipers in the front, the mirrors and door handles on the side and the back is held in place by putting it through the trunk opening. There is a small price increase coming so here are the materials, colors, and prices.

Grey polycotton = $58

Techanlon in grey, tan, or blue =$64

Tan Flannel = $65

NOAH (grey) = $74

WeatherShield tan, grey = $92

Sunbrella (7 colors) = $119

Shipping is $5.00 on any material.....you can get more information about the colors, performance, warranty, etc at www.covercraft.com

You must order from me to get the above prices, Covercraft will charge you list price. Contact me at Barney@texas.net for more information.

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