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Wanted parts for 1939 Chevy Truck...


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I am looking for the following items for a 1939 Chevrolet (1.5 ton/VC) Utility Truck...


1- GM 599352 Light switch knob with rod...

2- GM 1915427 Ignition Coil

3- GM 914255 Headlamp Retainer

4-Carter 11B-16 or Pump jet passage plug

5- Carter 11B-25 Check Valve passage Plug

6- GM 600692 front Torque tube Bushing (Brass)

7- GM 347813 Dowel Pin

8- GM 373344 Trunnion Bearing

9- GM 365316 Trunnion Bearing Lock

10- GM 609948 U-joint Repair Kit Complete


I have attached some photos... If anyone can help with these it would be greatly appreciated... You can also reach me directly by email: p_jeanneau@hotmail.com


Thank you.


1934-1935-1936-1937-1938-1939-Chevrolet-Car GM599352.jpg

GM 1915427.jpg

New-NOS-Carter-Carburetor-Carb-Pump-Jet-Plug 11B-16.jpg

GM 600962 B.jpg

GM 370416 KIT.jpg


GM 365316 LOCK.jpg


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