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Award's classifications

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I am very confused on what the different awards mean, and how they are given. I can see you list Gran National First, Senior, Junior First, Second, etc., etc. Is there a publication or manual that show all different awards and how to obtain each?  if you are a new member with a 100 point perfect car, when will you obtain the different awards and what are the requirements to get to the "top award". I looked all over and could not find this information, just results at the different shows. Thanks.

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When you enter your first AACA National Meet, your vehicle would be in the running for a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Junior.  If you win a 1st Junior, your vehicle would then try for the Senior Award at the next AACA National Meet you attend.  If however, it earned a 2nd or 3rd Junior, it would have to try again for the 1st Junior.  Once it wins the 1st Junior, it competes for the Senior Award.  When it wins a Senior Award, it then qualifies for the Grand National.  At the first Grand National you attend, your vehicle can win a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Grand National.  When it wins the 1st Grand National Award, it would then be in the running for the Senior Grand National Award at the next Grand National you attend.  


I have attached the "Family Tree of National Prizes" from the Official Judging Guidelines booklet that Phillip Cole suggested.  This shows the number of points needed for each award.  The maximum points for a vehicle is 400.  

Good Luck!




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